Form for Employment Seekers

Dear Employment Seeker,
This small questionnaire will allow you to place an ad free of charge in the Employment Seekers section of Global IT Classified Ads.
This free service is a courtesy of COBOL Gold Mine, and is open to anyone and everyone who is seeking an employment in the Information Technology discipline at all levels and types of expertise. The ad will remain posted indefinitely until the original requester sends this completed form with the words "PLEASE REMOVE" in Expertise field to have the ad removed.
Important and only rule: The expertise text MUST be fifteen (15) lines or less. Up to five (5) bold/italic and up to two (2) colored/blinking words combination may be specified: (i.e. 7 years of Mainframe experience, COBOL (bold/red), CICS (bold/italic), heavy (blue/blink) user contact.). The ad will then look like this:

7 years of Mainframe experience, COBOL, CICS, heavy user contact.

You may use this questionnaire in the future to update your ad in case of a new availability date, telephone number, email address, etc...
This free service is for individuals only (seeking permanent or contract positions), not for contracting firms of more than one person. If your ad is not listed within 3 days, you must not had qualified as individual.


First & Last Name:
Type Of Industry Interested In:
Position Sought:
City, State/Province:
Postal Code, Country:
Tel: Fax:

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