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            We are proud to be the home of COBOL Gold MineSM a site visited by thousands of Mainframe and Client/Server professionals worldwide. Technical and management levels alike.

      A Few Words About COBOL
      COBOL is dead, Long Live COBOL!!
        COBOL has been pronounced dead and buried more often than enough, yet like Kings of a powerful and long lasting dynasty, COBOL comes back younger and more powerful than ever before.
        After COBOL birth year (1959), we had COBOL-68, COBOL-74, COBOL-85, and now believe it or not: OO COBOL...and no, it does not represent zero-zero but Object Oriented COBOL!

        Link to www.ils for a world of opportunities, support, ideas and discoveries or to share your thoughts. Surf the pages of COBOL Gold MineSM and find out why COBOL is still the language that makes the business world go round!

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