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            Since 1993, we are proud to be the home of COBOL Gold Mine® a site visited by thousands of Mainframe and Client/Server professionals worldwide. Technical and management levels alike.

      COBOL is dead, Long Live COBOL!!®
      A Few Words About COBOL

      COBOL has been pronounced dead and buried more often than enough, yet like Kings of a powerful and long lasting dynasty, COBOL comes back younger and more powerful than ever before.
      After COBOL birth year (1959), we had COBOL-68, COBOL-74, COBOL-85, and in 1994, believe it or not: OO COBOL...and no, it does not represent zero-zero but Object Oriented COBOL!
      COBOL-97 was the precursor to the ISO standard.COBOL-2002.
      Current in line? COBOL-2014.      Next in line? Perhaps
      ... COBOL-2026.

      For a programming language presumed "dead", COBOL appears to be quite alive and kicking.

      Link to for a world of cost saving opportunities, support, ideas and discoveries or to share your thoughts. Surf the pages of COBOL Gold Mine® and find out why COBOL is still the language that makes the business world go round!

      COBOL on the Cloud; once more, COBOL demonstrates its power and versatility.  

      Speed, Power, Adaptability, Versatility, Stability, Modernity…Continuity©.
      These are but a few of the qualities that the COBOL language has maintained for over sixty years now.  It is what has contributed to its strength and longevity.  More than any other programming language, COBOL has contributed to

      • The advance of online applications: the most powerful multi-user applications - banking, insurance, healthcare, airlines/hotel reservations, credit card processing, bank ATMs, financial, stock markets, etc. - to name just a few examples.
        Over a decade into the third millennium and COBOL still makes the business world go round!

        • Yearly, billions of cash money delivered by ATM machines and billions of major credit cards transactions processed around the Blue Planet are still managed daily by COBOL Batch and Online applications. And let's not overlook East & West Stock Exchange Markets and other powerful financial institutions around the world that owe the reliability of their operation to COBOL

        • The backbones of Major Airline reservation systems are powered by COBOL.  Ironically many of these systems in order to port them to the Public Cloud, Private Cloud or Hybrid Cloud, they have been circumvallated by an intricate number of inefficient and latecomer languages, user interfaces and middleware that rendered their maintenance and enhancement too costly.

      • The most powerful project management and manufacturing applications: (car makers, aircraft makers, energy producers, aircraft maintenance, etc.), even projects management of spacecraft production to allow man to walk on the moon, or circle in space around planet Earth in the most advanced space shuttles even at the dawn of the third millennium!

      • Structured programming methodologies, an early form of Object oriented programming: Structured COBOL programming using COBOL-85 is so close to Object Oriented concepts that OO COBOL (starting 1994 in early versions and incorporated in COBOL-97 and COBOL-2002 has only a small amount of new syntax added to align it with the capabilities of the latest computing craze of the third Millennium.

      So what is so special about the Cloud?

      Nothing! The Web technology (Internet/Cloud/HTML) is simply a natural extension to the COBOL language just as the most advanced Indexed File System (VSAM), Internal SORT/MERGE (INPUT/OUTPUT PROCEDURES), OLTP - On-Line Transactions Processing (EXEC CICS/END-EXEC), Relational Database Language (EXEC SQL/END-EXEC) - among other facilities - have been integrated into COBOL year after year.

      Imagine 60+ years of software wealth, programming and business rules experience, fine tuned applications that have helped businesses stay ahead of the competition.

      Imagine you could reuse all that: It is like picking pure gold from a mine where you don't have to dig deep.  
      It is the COBOL Gold Mine®.

      Copyright 1994-2021 Integrated Logic Systems International, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide.

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