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COUNTRWS.CBL2312This routine counts table rows.
This COBOL II DB2/SQL routine will count the number of rows for a given table, based on a specific key/column of data. One use of this routine is to determine if there is at least one row to continue table processing. 12 points.
CURSRPRC.CBL5378This routine demonstrate cursor/set processing.
This COBOL II DB2/SQL routine will demonstrate how to code cursor/set processing for a given table. The primary use of the process is to return all required rows of data, from 1 or more tables, based on input key data. 30 points.
DCLRCRSR.CBL1630An example of a user DECLARE CURSOR.
This DB2/SQL example shows how to code a user DECLARE CURSOR table is WORKING- STORAGE. It is basic code structure for all standard SET PROCESSING. Used when selection of all rows of data are required based on specific key data. 10 points.
MAXIMDAT.CBLL3424An example on how to select only one row.
This COBOL II & DB2/SQL example shows coding required to select only one row of data from a given table, based on users key data and maximum date from a specific date column. Used where multiple rows of data exist, on key data selection. 16 points.

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