COBOL is dead, Long Live COBOL!!

The point is not how much you spend, but how much you get.

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At COBOL Gold Mine we think differently!

Why waste all your mission-critical business COBOL applications in which you have invested so much during decades to stay ahead of the competition? Why rewrite them using one or more of those fragile, slow and inefficient languages that pop up almost every six months? Your worst nightmare is to find out after all the time and money spent, that these immature languages are not meant for business mission-critical applications. Get to know the New OO COBOL and COBOL for the Internet or experience live COBOL on CLOUD and see how the Services and Expertise of ILS International can help you reuse your existing experienced programming resources and COBOL applications you have fine-tuned for years giving you satisfaction and full control and how to convert them with minimum effort to use Windows 2003, 2008/R2, 2012, 2019 Servers and/or UNIX, LINUX Client/Server and Internet/CLOUD technologies.

Why waste days, weeks or even months, searching through manuals. Your worst nightmare is to find out after all the time spent, that some manuals need to be updated or you need to upgrade to the new software version, or the function or feature you are looking for is simply not documented - The world of COBOL is vast.

The other choice you have is to hire consultants and spend thousands of dollars only to find out that the experts are not always as knowledgeable as they are expected to be, and they still have to try this and try that and that it may take longer than was anticipated, etc...etc...

Fortunately there is another choice: The COBOL Gold MineSM site on the Internet, where the answer that you are looking for has been tested and has been working for all the people who had the same problem. We are in contact with thousands of COBOL professionals worldwide (Americans, Australians, Brazilians, British, Egyptians, French, Germans, Japanese, Moroccan, Russians, and even from Taiwan, Togo and Turkey - some of them listed on the ICCL), who have skipped lunches, diners and even had sleepless nights to find the answer to their problems which may be or could be ours. So why reinvent the wheel?

We have assembled and put all these nuggets in the same computer box!

One of the nuggets we have under Fujitsu COBOL, ACUCORP, CA-Realia, or Micro Focus directories is how to access or set system variables from a COBOL program. Hours were spent in searching through manuals and getting help from Micro Focus Technical Support to finally get the answer. But for you, its only a matter of seconds to download the sample program which shows you how to do it. No frustration, aggravation or headaches. The price a mere 80 points. The value? Well we leave that for you to decide. We are sure you will agree that it is worth tenfold its price, giving the time, aggravation and money you would have spent if you were looking for the answer.

So why don't you give it a try? Use your Internet access time for a more productive call and link to our Forms & Bulletins page to find out what the value of a point is or if you wish to send comments, suggestions or constructive criticisms to the Webmaster. The access is free and there is no membership fee.

Now see COBOL in action on the Internet like you have never seen it before!

For more information visit ILS International or refer to our Migration & Conversion Consulting Services or Service 1, Service 2 and CGM International User Group

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